Custom-Made Removable Orthotics

The feet are where the rubber meets the road! There are 26 bones in each one of our feet. That is over twice that of which is in our spinal column. Do you think that it is important to ensure these bones stay in proper position and remain in proper motion? You bet!

At Hogue Chiropractic Center, the feet are a common area to be evaluated, whether they are in pain or not. They are that important to the biomechanics of the spine and body! Foot scans are performed to evaluate the health of the THREE arches in the feet, yes THREE! How the body centers body weight through the feet is also evaluated. If it is found that one, two or three of the arches have been compromised, a set of custom-made removable orthotics are built and placed in our patient’s shoes to restore proper lift and support to the affected arch/arches.

Once the feet are placed back into a neutral plane, the joints from the ankle on up now have a chance to also be supported. This is another key component that is often times overlooked.